OZ1RDP - activity 1999
Pictures and activities

1. Equipment

2. New DXCC's

3. Specific features

4. Other

OZ1RDP 1999 Antennen
The 2m-station (tower with 2m-yagi on the right) was accommodated in the right white tent. On the front tower the 3-element monobandbeam for 10m and a Doppelzepp. The station in the left white tent. On the left in the image border a black scout-tent (Jurte).

OZ1RDP 1999 10m-Beam
With the swivelling 10m-antenna 12 connections with Argentina (LU), 4 with Brazil (PY) as well as Uruguay (CX), Zimbabwe (Z2),
South Africa (ZS), Israel (4X) and various European countries were possible with 100W in SSB.

OZ1RDP 1999 Zelte
Mast step of the 10m-Beam, behind it the meeting tent, the Jurte.

Martin (DG8UAU) and "Weckle" Martin (DL3SFB) at amateurradio on 80 m.
From here were also sent out digital pictures by SSTV in the world.

  OZ1RDP 1999 Kohte
The Kohte served as a sleeping tent.

OZ1RDP 1999 Holzturm
A wooden camp tower is growing

OZ1RDP 1999 Essen
It was eaten together - in nice weather of course outdoors.