OZ1RDP - activity 2001
Pictures and activities

OZ1RDP 2001 Teilnehmer  OZ1RDP 2001 Teilnehmer alle
  Participants (from left to right):                                        
  Tobi (DL4KBS), Matze (DL9BQ), Mark (DG2BCJ), Udo (DG2BCI), Günni (DL9BCP), in front: Gaby (DM1CG)                                        
Miriam (swl) only on the right picture                                       

1. Equipment

Station               Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                 40m                           SSB                                         double-zepp (*)

tent 2           10m/15m/20m                   SSB                                        double-zepp (*)
                          6m                             SSB                                            6-ele-Yagi
                          2m                             SSB                                            12ele-Yagi
                         70cm                       Packet-Radio                                         GP

2. New DXCC's

3. specific features

4. Other

The week-end was unfriendly and cold.

OZ1RDP 01 Platz
In the background the campfire place. To the left of it army-aluminium-tower with 2 m yagi. On the right there hangs one of both double-zepp.

OZ1RDP 01 Platz
Place overview from other perspective. Straight ahead 6-ele-yagi for 6m. In the foreground 2m antenna.
Before the house along hangs an other double-zepp.

OZ1RDP 01 Platz
Photo taken from the upper floor of the house. In the foreground the wooden tower with point of suspension of a double-zepp.

OZ1RDP 01 6m
6m-antenna from other line of sight. On top GP for 2m / 70cm

Operator at the work: To the left Gaby (DM1CG), to the right Matze (DL9BQ)

... and Günni (DL9BCP)

OZ1RDP 01 Platz Tag OZ1RDP 01 Platz Nacht
The aerial arrangement during the day ...                                                 ... and at night                

OZ1RDP 01 Haus und 40m
House and short wave station. The 41.50-m-long double-zepp hangs between the wooden tower and the flagpole in the background.