OZ1RDP - activity 2004
Pictures and Activities

OZ1RDP 2004 Teilnehmer
  participants (from left to right):
  Schnüffel (DL2KMR), Gaby (DM1CG), Udo (DG2BCI), Matze (DL9BQ), Lothar (DH1LM), Schieri (DO1VPN), Claudia (swl), Günni (DL9BCP), Tobi (DL4KBS), Rüdiger (DO1ERS), Dirk (DO4DZ), Norbert (swl)

1. equipment

Station                 Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                  

tent 2             

tent 3               

2. New DXCC's


4. others

OZ1RDP 04 Aufbau 80mGP    OZ1RDP 04 80mGP
20m slide tower for a 80m vertical etc., on the floor an automatic antenna tuner.

OZ1RDP 04 Camp     OZ1RDP 04 Aufbau 2m
  On the left page margin a 3-leg-wooden tower with double zepp to flagg tower,          Rüdiger, (DO1ERS), Schnüffel (DL2KMR) and Lothar (DH1LM)
    behind it the mounting of a 2m-yagi, and the 80m GP. In the background the Moxon-                              mounting the 17-element 2m-yagi.
       Beam. A Spieth-mast (10m glassfibertower) on top of the big black tent (Jurte).

OZ1RDP 04 2m und 6m
17-element-yagi for 2m, behindt it 6-element-yagi for 6m - illuminated by the moon.

OZ1RDP 04 Moxon     OZ1RDP 04 Moxon
          2-element-3-band-Moxon-beam for 10/15/20m, on 9m-NVA-slide-tower.          Good to see every wire-element for the 3 bands..
                             Turned by handmode "Armstrong"                                                                    left: reflector - right: radiator

OZ1RDP 04 40mGP  OZ1RDP 04 40mGP   OZ1RDP 04 40mGP
Double-zepp, 41,50m long, put up between triple leg tower and flagg-mast. Besides a triple-leg for the 40m-band, 21m high. The construction consisits of a wooden  framework in form of an "A", extended by another pole, on it a 10m "Spieth"-glassfiber-tower.

OZ1RDP 04 Jurte   OZ1RDP 04 Digitales aus der Jurte
            The Jurte (big scout tent) has had a 10m glassfiber-tower on top.                          Lothar (DH1LM) runs in mode RTTY, assisted by
                  (Spieth-mast). This station worked in mode RTTY.                            Schnüffel (DL2KMR), Dirk (DO4DZ) and Schieri (DO1VPN).

OZ1RDP 04 Camp
A small (partly) overview to the OZ1RDP-antenna park..