OZ1RDP - activity 2006
Pictures and Activitieas

OZ1RDP 2006 Teilnehmer
  participants (from left to right):
Tina (DG1ACZ), Tobias (DG6KAP), Günni (DL9BCP), Holger (DO1LNX), Schieri (DO1VPN), Matze (DL9BQ), Dirk (DO4DZ), Gaby (DM1CG), Tobi (DL4KBS),  Schnitzel (DO4SCZ), Norbert (swl)
missing: Rüdiger (DO1ERS)

1. equipment

Station                 Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                    40m                          SSB                                         2-ele-Vertical (*)

tent 2             10m/15m/20m                  SSB                                2-ele-3-band Moxon-Beam (*)
                            17m                          SSB                                               Vertical (*)

tent 3                 
   17m                       BPSK31                                              Loop (*)
                             20m                      BPSK31                                            Vertical (*)


OZ1RDP 2006 Aufbau 2ele40m   OZ1RDP 2006 2ele40m
  2-ele for 40m mounted for the first time. Both elements have a distance of about 5m to each other (lamda/4) and are about 21m high.
By using a remote-box the antennas direction can be switched 180°.
Manual instructions from OE6CWL.

OZ1RDP 2006 2ele geknickt
Unfortunally the antenna construction stood only for one night. Then the wind breaks one (maybe pre-damaged) element of one of the 10m long
Spieth-glassfiber-towers. In the afternoon the repair  with a 12m long DX-Wire-glassfiber-tower only hold 5 min in all.
The heavy wind broke this element, too, without a first QSO.

  OZ1RDP 2006 Flaggenmast 40mGP

For the rest of the weekend a simple vertical was used. On the ground the broken second element.

   OZ1RDP 2006 Aufbau 2m
uilding up of antennas for 70cm and 2m.
  From left to right: Rüdiger (DO1ERS), Gaby (DM1CG), Schnitzel (DO4SCZ)

OZ1RDP 2006 0,70 2 und 80m
In the foreground the ready 70cm/2m-antenna, behind it a 6-ele for 6m. Right a 80m groundplane, 20m high.

OZ1RDP 2006 Antennenwald   OZ1RDP 2006 Antennenpark
The use of antennas became more and more: 80m groundplane - 6ele for 6m - 17m-loop - 70cm/2m-yagi  -  2m/70cm-groundplane - triple leg for 20m - 2-ele-3-band-Moxon-beam

OZ1RDP 2006 Frühstück 
Breakfast with Danish "Rundstücker" and  "Makarel-salat"  

OZ1RDP 2006 Grill   OZ1RDP 2006 Grillen
                                           One time a barbecue is ever made...                                                 ... and have diner, of course tother                     

OZ1RDP 2006 Abendrot

OZ1RDP 2006 nachts 1   OZ1RDP 2006 nachts 2
... and in the night