Pictures and Activities

OZ1RDP - activity 2007
Saturday, may 26th - Tuesday, may 29th 2007


OZ1RDP 2007 Teilnehmer
  participants (from left to right):
Tobias (DG6KAP), Matze (DL9BQ), Klaus (DC4NA), Monika (swl), Schieri (DO1VPN), Tobi (DL4KBS), Günni (DL9BCP), Holger (DM6HB), Dirk (DM1DZ), Hayat (swl)

1. equipment

Station                  Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                     40m                         SSB                                         2-ele-Vertical (*)

tent 2              10m/15m/20m                 SSB                                2-ele-3-Band Moxon-Beam (*)
                             17m                         SSB                                               Vertical (*)

tent 3                   
   17m                     BPSK31                                              Loop (*)
                              20m                     BPSK31                                            Vertical (*)


2. New DXCC's

- FY (French Guiana)


- The conditions had been more less than the years before!
- The 2-ele-vertical for the 40m-band stood intact the whole weekend without any breakch. Instead of 10m long Spieth-glassfiber-towers this year 12m long (more heavy,but more solid) glassfiber-towers from Spiderbeam were used. But one antenna-element had to by mount again few times, because the wooden construction was made by fresh poles and some elements of the tower were inserted after movements by blowing of wind.
- Matzes Moxon-Beam again worked excellent.

4. others

Of course it was raining on the last day - so the tents were not the only which became wet!

OZ1RDP 2007 Aufbau Jurte
Matze, Schieri, Günni and Monika build up the Jurte, a big tent

OZ1RDP 2007 Jurte und Moxon
  Jurte, ready build up. Behind it the 2-ele-3-band-Moxon-beam.

 OZ1RDP 2007 Aufbau 2ele 40m

Both wooden constructions, extended by 12m long Spiderbeam-glassfiber-towers, the elements of the 2-ele-40m-vertical.

OZ1RDP 2007 Aufbau 2ele 40m   OZ1RDP 2007 Aufbau 2ele 40m
The antenna rising was made successful by teamwork.

OZ1RDP 2007 2ele 40m
  Mounted 2-ele-vertical for the 40m-band, 23m high

OZ1RDP 2007 OP 6HB   OZ1RDP 2007 OP 1DZ
Operator in work ... and during a small break (left: DM6HB; right: DM1DZ)

OZ1RDP 2007 OP 9BQ   OZ1RDP 2007 OP BCP und KAP
                                 Matze, DL9BQ at the 20m-station                                            40m-station with Günni, DL9BCP and Tobias, DG6KAP

OZ1RDP 2007 OP 4NA
 ... and Klaus, DC4NA.

OZ1RDP 2007 17mLoop und GP
Loop for 17m, behind it a vertical with automatic antenna tuner

OZ1RDP 2007 Abenddämmerung

OZ1RDP 2007 Abbau
... and dismantling in the rain