OZ1RDP - activity 2008
Saturday, may 10th. - Tuesday, may, 13th 2008

OZ1RDP 2008 Teilnehmer
  participants (from left to right):
Klaus (DC4NA), Tobi (DL4KBS), Dirk (DM1DZ), Matze (DL9BQ), Gaby (DM1CG), Günni (DL9BCP), Tina (DG1ACZ), Sven (DL5ABB)

1. equipment

Station               Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                  40m                         SSB                                 4-Square (*); Triple-Leg (*)

tent 2            10m/15m/20m                 SSB                                2-ele-3-Band Moxon-Beam (*)

tent 3                 70cm                         JT65                                system with 2 Cross-Yagi (*)
                           2m                           JT65                                system with 2 Cross-Yagi (*)
                           6m                           SSB                                             2-ele-Yagi
                         17m                         BPSK31                                            Loop (*)
                       20m/40m                    BPSK31                                         Vertical (*)

shelter                 80m                          SSB                                           Vertical (Spieth)

2. peculiaritiy

- Via EME we have made 17 QSO on 2m and 2 QSO on 70cm!

- Matze mounted a homeade rotor on top of the Moxon-Beam successfuly!
- The 4-Square array confirmed itself as TOP-DX-antenna! A direction switch of 90° reduced the signals to less than 20dB. In Comparisation with the 22 m high Triple-Leg showed a signal strengh of more than 20dB! During the night Europe was off - except DX.
- Sven und Tina have tested the Spieth-Vertical (10-80m), which can be modified without any tuner!

3. other

very important: We don't catched any rain during our stay on the island!!!

OZ1RDP 2008 Aufbau EME
Gaby, Sven, Günni and Tina build up the EME-antennas

OZ1RDP 2008 EME-Antennen
With elevated rotor the antennas automaticly beamed to the moon.
Left a magnetic loop antenna for the 17m-band

 OZ1RDP 2008 Moxon Matze

Matze has mounted the Moxon-Beam 9m high on the mound with a slide tower

OZ1RDP 2008 17m-Loop
17m-loop and vertical for BPSK31. In the background between the towers the triple-leg for 40m.
  Right: one of the 4-square vertical..

OZ1RDP 2008 4-Square
4-square array for the 40m-band. The radial network of each vertical is invisible. In the centre the switching box.

OZ1RDP 2008 4-Square-Box
Switching box of the 4-square array. Left: connectors for HF-input and control-cable.
Above the connector of the HF-control-coax. Right connectors to the verticals.
The antenna system was used up to 1.000W HF in ssb.

OZ1RDP 2008 40m GP
House with 10m flagg-tower and triple-leg for the 40m-band, right tent 1, in the background Günni.
The antenna consists of a 11m high wooden construction together with a 12m long Spiderbeam-glassfiber-tower on top,
fixed and hold by ropes.

OZ1RDP 2008 80mGP Spieth
80m Spieth-vertical with 10m Spieth-glassfiber-tower.

OZ1RDP 2008 Drachenantenne
Also this year we only could make some tests with a dragon-antenna. The wind was blowing unstable, so it was impossible
to hold a longwire antenna on its position.
Maybe next year more.