OZ1RDP - activity 2010
Friday, may 21st - Tuesday, may 25th 2008

OZ1RDP 2010 Teilnehmer
participants (from left to right):
Gaby (DM1CG), Dirk (DM1DZ), Tobi (DL4KBS), Matze (DL9BQ), Tina (DG1ACZ), Sven (DL5ABB),
Julia with Ida, Lothar (DH1LM), Günni (DL9BCP), Holgi (DM6HB), Klaus (DC4NA)

1. equipment

Station                  Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                     40m                         SSB                                        4-Square-Array (*)

tent 2              10m/15m/20m                 SSB                             2-ele-3-Band Moxon-Beam (*)
                             20m                                                                       4-Square-Array (*)

tent 3                     80m                   SSB, BPSK31                              4-Square-Array (*)

tent 4                       2m                  JT65, FSK441, SSB                   2x 9-ele-Crossed-Yagi

                                       4m                         SSB                                         2-ele-Yagi
                               6m                         SSB                                         2-ele-Yagi
                              30m                      BPSK31                                   4-Square-Array (*)

2. peculiarity

- Via EME we worked 34 QSO on 2m, including the EME-DXpedition 3B8EME!

- For the first time 70MHz (4m-Band) was tested in SSB (North Spain and Portugal were reached)
- On the area were pursued at the same time Four 4-Square-Arrays (20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 80m).
  Controller, control devices, coaxkabel-segments, radials (7 pieces, each 1/4 Lambda) and verticals
  in addition were made before in the wintertime during some construction week-ends.

- 4-SQ for 80 m was pursued with shortened verticals (12-m-long glassfiber-poles), which got their
  right electrical length by a coil, positioned in the middle of the vertical (D = 105 mm; l = 40 mm;
   N = 12.5 bends; L approx. 21 µ H). Centre frequency: 3.76 MHz.

OZ1RDP 2010 4-SQ 30m
4-Square-Array for 30m

OZ1RDP 2010 4-SQ für 30m und 80m
In the backround the 4-SQ for 30m, in the foreground parts of the 80m-4SQ-Array

 OZ1RDP 2010 Blick diagonal über das Gelände

From 80m-4-Square-Array going out a look diagonally about the area

OZ1RDP 2010 Radialnetz einer Vertikal
The glassfiber-pole for a vertical.
  The earth net encloses 7 radials, 1/4 Lambda long.

OZ1RDP 2010 4-SQ für 40m
4-Square for the 40m-band, behind it for 80 m.
In the middle controller for the direction change-over and Dummyload.

OZ1RDP 2010 4-SQ für 20m
4Square-Array for the 20m-band. Vertical exported as triple-leg in 8-m-high poles.
To the left of it the turnable 2ele-beam.

OZ1RDP 2010 4SQ 20m und 40m
In the foreground 20m-4SQ, then 2-ele-beam, behind it 4SQ for 40m. At the right corner 4SQ-80m.

OZ1RDP 2010 Günni an der 40m-Station
Günni at the 40m-station

OZ1RDP 2010 Zelt für EME und BPSK
radio-tent for the stations 2m EME and 30m BPSK.

OZ1RDP 2010 2m und 30m Station in Betrieb
Dirk with BPSK31 on 30m (left) and Gaby with WSJT on 2m EME (right) in action

OZ1RDP 2010 EME-Antenne bei Nacht
2m-EME-antenna-system straightened on the moon

OZ1RDP 2010 20m-Antennen bei Nacht
  The 20m-antennas by night

OZ1RDP 2010 das Gelände bei Dunkelheit
... and without flash

OZ1RDP 2010 Funkzelte
Activ radio activity in all four tents.