OZ1RDP - activity 2011
Friday, june 10th - Tuesday, june14th, 2011

participants (from left to right):
Dirk (DM1DZ), Holgi (DM6HB, Gaby (DM1CG), Günni (DL9BCP), Tina (DG1ACZ), Tobi (DL4KBS), Matze (DL9BQ)

1. equipment

Station                   Band                         Mode                                  Antenna (*=homemade)
tent 1                     40m                         SSB                                        4-Square-Array (*)

tent 2              10m/15m/20m                  SSB                             2-ele-3-Band Moxon-Beam (*)
                             20m                                                                       4-Square-Array (*)

tent 3                     80m                         SSB                                   TX: Vertical (*)
                                                                                                      RX: K9AY-Loop-Array
                            160m                         SSB                                  18mVertical with coil (*)

tent 4                       2m                  JT65, FSK441                          2x14-ele-cross-yagi

                              30m                      BPSK31                               RX: 4-Square-Array (*)
                                                                                                      TX:  12m Vertical (*)
2. Besonderheiten

- 22 QSO on 2m were made via EME. The antenna was moved by "armstrong".

- Three 4-Square-Arrays (20m, 30m, 40m) were used in time.
- The stations in the tents used UCX-Log and were connected to each other via WLAN.
- The condx on the 40m-Band were so excellent, that a Pileup with Caribean, South- and North-
  American Radiostations take place in the night from 13th to 14th june.
- For the 80m-band-vertical a 18m long glassfiber-pole was mounted and the antenna matched by
  a miniVNA-analyzer. A
K9AY-Loop-Array was used for RX-antenna.
In the foot point of the 18m-vertical an aerial coil could be pocketed alternatively to the use the 160m-band.
  The earth net existed of 14 Radials 20-m-long in each case.

  2m-EME: 144X28 (by DF7KF) - 2x14 elements, boom 10,52m, Gain 15dBd

radio-tent with PSK-station (left) and EME-station (right)


4-Square-Array 30m, verticals with elevated radials

In this year three 4-Square-Arrays were mounted: 20m, 30m and 40m

4-Square-Array for 20m, behind 2-ele-wire-beam for 10-15-20m (Moxon-style)

Turnable 2-ele-beam for 10-15-20

18m glassfiber-pole for vertikal 80m - including homemade aerial coil also for 160m

Only receiving antenna for 80m (K9AY-Loop-Array)

Tina, DG1ACZ, at the 80m-station

4-Square-Array 40m, radio-tent right in the foreground

Dummyload and controller, protected in a first-aid-car-box

Night look at the moon