OZ1RDP - statistics
continent contacts
1995 - 2015


The main quantity of  21.234 QSOs, namely 87,2% - or 18.514 contacts - according to expectations were held  within Europe (EU).
From 1.616 QSOs (7,61%) to North America (NA), 1.371 contacts were made to different states of the USA  (including KP2=Vrgin Island and KP4=Puerto Rico).
Within 466 radio-contacts (2,19%) to 16 South American countries (SA), 196 QSOs were made to Brazil  (about  89 on the 40m-band).
Within 2,28% of all radio-contacts to Asia (AS), 196 QSOs to Japanese hams are included.
Unfortunalety only 0,61% of all radio-contacts were made with Africa (AF). Most of the 53 QSOs to EA8  (Canary Islands) and 11 QSOs to CT3 (Madeira) holidaymaker were contacted.
Oceanien (OC) were only contacted by 0,11% of all radio-contacts, within 2004 two times  Australia (VK6) and two  times New Zealand (ZL) on the 40m-band. C2 (Nauru) was successful in a 20m-pile-up (without a PA) against European amateurradio-stations in 1997.

An explanation in the use of country short cuts You can find under  "Reached DXCC-countries" besides the OZ1RDP-start-side.


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