Radio-Scouting-campside with OZ1RDP

In 1993 the "Funkergilde" of the VCP-Bremen started their first Radio-Scouting-whitsun-event on the
scout-campingplace "Bargkamp", close to the Horster Dreieck, south of Hamburg. The following year
the aim was an area of the Bremen Partner-church in Dranske on the island of Ruegen (EU-057).

To transmit from an island was very interested by all participants - therefore under great help from Phillip,
 a radio-scout of the "Danske Spejderkorps Sydslesvig" we found the scout-campside in the village
Kongsmark on the Danish northsea-island Roemoe (EU-125). Because the CEPT-regulation is not valid
for German clubstation-callsigns - but the campside should shown as an amateurradio-scouting-station -
I applied the Danish amateurradio-call OZ1RDP from the Danish Telestyrelsen. "OZ" is the prefix for
Denmark, "RDP" shows "Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbaende".

Under "Remarks" of new OZ1RDP-QSL-cards You can read:

Since 1995 OZ1RDP has been activated only for one weekend in each year. The Suffix "RDP"
means "Ring deutscher Pfadfinderverbaende". A group of German Radio-Scouts and their guests are
operating from the campside normaly on several bands in time. In the way "learning-by-doing" new
types of antennas or modes will be tested. But the main activity is to have fun in running a radio-station.

Pictures of operateurs

Pictures of some antennas

Reached DXCC-countries

Statistics amateurradio-bands

Statistics continent contacts

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OZ1RDP activity 1995                              OZ1RDP activity 1996                              OZ1RDP activity 1997

OZ1RDP activity 1998                              OZ1RDP activity 1999                              OZ1RDP activity 2000

OZ1RDP activity 2001                              OZ1RDP activity 2002                              OZ1RDP activity 2003

OZ1RDP activity 2004                              OZ1RDP activity 2005

OZ1RDP activity 2006                   OZ1RDP activity 2007                                  OZ1RDP activity 2008       
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OZ1RDP activity 2010                                OZ1RDP activity 2011                              OZ1RDP activity 2012

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OZ1RDP activity 2013                                OZ1RDP activity 2014                             OZ1RDP activity 2015

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OZ1RDP activity 2016                                OZ1RDP activity 2017                             OZ1RDP activity 2018

new Standard-QSL-card

Pictures by:
Tobi (DL4KBS), Gaby (DM1CG), Dirk (DM1DZ), Holger (DM6HB), Udo (DG2BCI), Schieri (DO1VPN)
, GŁnni (DL9BCP)

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